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Last thing updated: Alien Hominid, new fun fact, new images for a fun fact etc.

Last blog post: September 13th 2021

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Weclome to The Behemoth Corner! The only fansite for the game company The Behemoth (if you dont count wikis like the castle crashers wiki because this website is for the behemoth and their games in general, not just a single game, so go to the Castle Crashers wiki if you want better info on weapons, characters etc. as other wikis are inactive or rarely updated)

I only know basic html and not any css so apologies if the website looks kinda ugly and plain, this site is only run by 1 person and hopes to stay that way but if people wanna contribute in any way they can


Website will update whenever more info, images and/or videos are found (or when i just need to fix typos and add extra sections) so dont panic if the site hasn't been updated for a while, im always active so im always available for contact (especially on Twitter which is mentioned below)


If you want something added to the site like old beta/alpha/prototype content, facts and trivia, more obscure info etc. contact me: or @YoBlockTheater on Twitter

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