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Battleblock Theater



Xbox 360: April 3rd 2013 | Xbox One: June 15th 2015 | Steam: May 15th 2014


What is BattleBlock Theater about?

Basically you are on a boat with your friends but then a storm starts and you crash on an island that has a theater on it which has been abandoned and is currently ruled by cats

Since the original owner died they switch them whenever the current one dies or leaves (which you cant do easily since they are usually locked up at the top of the gift shop) by using this possessed hat and your best friend Hatty Hattington is the next victim and so now its up to you (and some friends if you play multiplayer) to get him back but sadly by the time you get to him he is in a vegetable state (at least you get to hear a cool song at the end though)


What is the game like?

The game features you a prisoner and peformer at the theater jumping and climbing blocks to get gems and yarn while also getting to the exit

The boss levels have you trying to get to the exit in the first level and to the key to unlock the next chapter in the 2nd level in a certain amount time (2 minutes at max)

You can buy heads and weapons at the gift shop (gems for heads and yarn for weapons) and you can make your own head by going into the game files

heads are what you use to customize your player you can get things like cats, the angry faic from newgrounds, dogs, donuts, mushrooms, dinosaurs and more

There are also cutscenes that play when you get to a new chapter in the game but you can skip them if you want by pressing a button or key (depends if you are using a controller or a keyboard)

There are 8 chapters in BBT


Fun Facts!

Stamper from NG voices the narrator in this game as well as the space bear from Pit People