Pit People



Early access: (Xbox One: January 2017 | Steam: January 2017)

Full Release: (Xbox One: March 2nd 2018 | Steam: March 2nd 2018)


What is Pit People about?

So the bear from the end of Battleblock Theater that got hit by Hattys hat ray thing was killed and so another bear that was apparently in love with him became very angry and caused havoc pretty much because of it

Horatios (the main character) son gets taken by the bear in his anger and so now you have to go get him back which involves you having to go into space and stuff and in the process you meet new people which includes a princess whos dad got murdered and a cyclops who i guess was banished from this place you have to go to at some point in the game

you also meet a living cupcake who will throw his frosting at you to heal you (but it takes some of his health away when he does so he can die easily)


What is the game like?

In the game you use your mouse (or controller) to move your characters on the hexagon-ish board to attack things

You can also go to the town to turn on insane mode, change up your team and gear and buy things

The game has cutscenes like Battleblock Theater but more detailed and looks more like a cartoon show instead of a puppet show like the Battleblock Theater cutscenes (albeit still not all animated smoothly frame by frame but still enough to tell the story properly)


Fun Facts!

Stamper from NG voices the space bear in this game as well as the narrator in Battleblock Theater

Hatty from Battleblock Theater appears in this game in a fairly important cutscene at the end of the main story