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Castle Crashers


Xbox 360: August 27th 2008 | Xbox One: September 9th 2015 | PS3: August 31st 2010 (US) November 25th 2010 (JP) | Steam: September 26th 2012 | Nintendo Switch: September 17th 2019 | PS4: September 17th 2019


What is Castle Crashers about?

Its about a medieval universe where an evil wizard takes a crystal and kidnaps 4 princess so now you (and 1-3 other players if you are playing multiplayer) have to get them back by going through many levels and fighting many bosses along the way


What is the game like?

The game has you (and 1-3 other players if you are playing multiplayer like i said earlier) fighting things like skeletons, theives, barbarians etc.

After major boss fights (barbarian boss, ice king etc.) you have to free 1 of the 4 kidnapped princesses that are in the room and after you free them they will kiss you afterwards

There are 31 characters to play as (though almost all of them have to be unlocked first in one way or another, some harder than others and with many different methods like beating the game with a certain character or fighting in a certain arena)

At the end of the game you defeat the evil wizard, get the crystal back and finally have all the princesses rescued (though there is a surprise at the end involving the last princess, ill let you find out on your own for this one hehe)