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Castle Crashers



Xbox 360: August 27th 2008 | Xbox One: September 9th 2015 | PS3: August 31st 2010 (US) November 25th 2010 (JP) | Steam: September 26th 2012 | Nintendo Switch: September 17th 2019 | PS4: September 17th 2019


What is Castle Crashers about?

Its about a medieval universe where an evil wizard takes a crystal and now you and 1-3 other knights have to get it back (if you're playing multiplayer)

you also have to rescue 4 kidnapped princesses


What is the game like?

The game starts with you partying (by headbanging to the music) with other knights but the party stops because a random Grey Knight falls through the room door with an arrow through his stomach (most likely killed by the Evil Wizard or a barbarian) and he eventually dies which causes a war (as well as the Evil Wizard stealing the crystal obviously)

The game has you (and 3 other players if you feel like playing multiplayer, i play solo though) fighting people like skeletons, theives, barbarians, robots and more

After major boss fights like the big barbarian and Frost King you have to free one of the 4 kidnapped princesses

There are 32 characters to choose from

At the end of the game you defeat the evil wizard, get the crystal back and finally have all the princesses rescued


Fun Facts!

There used to be a minigame called "All You Can Quaff" but it got replaced with "Back Off Barbarian" on remastered and PC in 2015 though it should still be on the original 360 version of the game (PS3 has volleyball)